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“A Story Worth Sharing”

Greetings, First Pres Family and Friends,

First of all, thanks to everyone for your prayers, thoughts and kind words as my family and I were away this past weekend. We took the opportunity to follow my son, Samuel, to Sioux Falls where he got to compete in the Howard Wood Relays. It was a good weekend. Folks ask about the weather, and in true South Dakota fashion, I answer, “We needed to wear our jackets, but we still got sunburned.” It was a fun weekend and we all returned safely. It’s always nice when people ask, and we can share the stories of where we’ve been and what we’ve seen and done.

In fact, sharing stories is at the heart of our Christian faith. In our scripture for reflection this coming Sunday from 1st John, the author writes, “Those who believe in the Son of God have the testimony in their hearts.” Our testimony is our story; our witness; the true accounts of our life experiences. All of us have life experiences. Some of us have experienced tremendous success and prosperity, either in business or investments, or through health and healthy relationships. Some of us have experienced challenges and grief, with sickness, loss, and suffering. Regardless of the tone and theme, we each have stories to tell.

More than just our stories, we are also witnesses to God’s story. The decision to affiliate with a Christian community, to subscribe to the email list, and to actually read this article is a clear indication that you have some experience of God’s activity in your life. What is your testimony? What have you seen or experienced? According to a study regarding the health and vitality of congregations in the United States, one key indicator of a healthy church is a place where stories of faith are told in the present tense.

Will you share your story? Send me an email or let’s have lunch together. Tell a friend or a family member. If there are enough individuals in our congregation who are available and willing to share their stories, perhaps we can create a series of messages for the coming months. Wouldn’t you love to hear the stories of your friends? Maybe they would like to hear yours. Who knows what the Holy Spirit might do when we start to share? Blessings to you all.          

Very truly,

Pastor Adam

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