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“You are Witnesses of These Things”

In our final verse of this coming Sunday’s scripture reading, Jesus reminds his disciples, “You are witnesses of these things” (Luke 24:48). Following the resurrection, the disciples have seen a lot. Jesus wants to remind them that they are witnesses. The word used in the Greek is transliterated martyrs, which is the word we get martyr from (interesting connection). But Jesus uses this word to remind the disciples that they carry with them some type of obligation? Privilege? Responsibility? They know what they know and have seen what they seen and therefore, what will they do now?

How does the following phrase strike you? “You, [insert name here], are a witness of these things.” Speaking for myself, I probably watch more television than I should, and I like crime/police dramas. Many times in these types of shows, there are witnesses who are reluctant to come forward and offer testimony, because they are afraid of what might happen. Throughout history, there have been Christians who were afraid or intimidated to keep quiet, because their message was not welcome in their society. There are other examples of Christians who would NOT stay quiet – followers of Christ who were willing to die for their beliefs. Here again, we use the word “martyr.”

I believe Jesus offers this crucial statement as an invitation: “You are witnesses of these things.” So then, *|FNAME|*, how will you live? What are you going to do about it? Who will you tell? What difference will this knowledge make in your life? Do we keep quiet, or do we go and tell others about what we know?

Friends, you are witnesses of these things. May God grant us wisdom and courage.

Very truly,

Pastor Adam

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