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“The Lord is My Shepherd”

“The Lord is My Shepherd” is well-known as the first line from the twenty-third Psalm. Many of us are familiar with the twenty-third. It’s peaceful. It’s reassuring. It’s often read at funeral services. It is taught in Sunday School and memorized by children. This coming Sunday is the fourth Sunday in the season of Easter. In the prescribed readings, the fourth Sunday of Easter is always given over to Jesus as the “good shepherd.” In worship, we will hear words from Psalm 23. We will also read Scripture from John 10.

Since Jesus the Good Shepherd is such a common image, I wonder what it means to us. In my mind, I picture the shepherd as a nurturer, providing care, protection, and guidance for the sheep. The shepherd protects the sheep from predators. Sheep aren’t very fast, and they wouldn’t fair well in a fight. So the shepherd stands guard with a staff to keep them safe. In my own life, I like to think of God providing me with guidance, care, and protection.

Of course, to receive this care and protection, the sheep need to listen to what the shepherd says. They need to abide by boundaries and barriers in order to be protected. Sheep need to follow guidance in order to find cool grasses and quiet waters. Does that mean that I, too, need to listen? That I, too, need to abide? That I, too, need to follow directions and guidance?

If I claim the privilege of proclaiming, “the Lord is my shepherd,” then what responsibilities should I expect? Where is God leading me? Where is God calling me to go? How can I be obedient to Christ’s call so that I can live in the presence of the Shepherd? So that I can live under the protection of the Good Shepherd?


“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” If there are deficits that we experience… needs, hungers, fears that we face…is it because God isn’t providing? Or, is it because we are not following the Good Shepherd? May God restore our souls.

Very truly,

Pastor Adam

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We're so happy that you listened to God when He asked you to come to First Pres in Rapid City, SD

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