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“Is Christmas Over Already?”

As I write this message, the flurry of snowflakes and wrapping paper following from the skies has barely subsided here in Rapid City and in my own house. I trust that you and your families were able to celebrate Christmas with warmth, joy, peace, and love. This is a busy week in our home as we transition from Christmas (on Monday) to an Anniversary for me and Andrea - #22 (on Thursday) to a birthday for Olivia - #9 (on Saturday). There is much to celebrate. Yet, I wonder do we simply skip past Christmas, allowing it just as much time as we require to unwrap the gifts from under the tree?

While stores and commercials start pushing the celebration of Christmas at the time that children “trick-or-treat” around our neighborhoods, the Christian calendar waits for the birth of Christ (Dec. 25) to begin the “twelve days of Christmas.” Has anyone received their Calling Birds, Fresh Hens, Turtle Doves, or Partridge? I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. We are in the Christmas season. I appreciated a Facebook post from a church member that read, “And just like that...Santa is gone until next year...But Jesus is still here with gifts that never end.”

Christmas is NOT over. We will celebrate it in church as long as the season lasts. Christ has come! Merry Christmas. This is a great time of year to find ways to get involved in the life of our congregation. On

Sunday, January 7, we will welcome new leaders to our church Session. In coming weeks, we will be organizing our ministry teams and committees for the coming 2024 year. Christ has come! Let the nations rejoice. And let us, as followers of the one born in Bethlehem, community to journey together, “seeking Christ and serving others, until all things are made new.”

Merry Christmas and see you soon.

Very truly,

Pastor Adam

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